Discussion 1: 

  • Please answer each of the following questions in detail and provide in-text citations in support of your argument. Include examples whenever applicable.
  • Provide an explanation of the three basic financial statements, namely, the balance sheet, the income statement, and the statement of cash flows. 
  • Analyze the relation between change in equity, the net income, and the cash flows from investing activities, during a period. Please describe and provide examples demonstrating your understanding of retained earnings, in which financial statement it is recorded, and under which category.
  • Discussion 2:
  • ABC Company had addition to retained earnings for the current fiscal year just ended of $395,000. The firm paid out $195,000 in cash dividend, and it has ending total equity of $5.3 million. The company currently has 170,000 shares of common stock outstanding. Please answer the following questions:  
    1. What are earnings per      share (E/PS)? 
    2. Dividends per share?
    3. Book value of share?
    4. If the stock currently      sells for $64 per share, what is the market-to-book ratio?
    5. The price to earnings      ratio (P/E)?
    6. The company had sales of      $5.15 million, what is the price to sales ratio (P/S)?
    7. Finally, explain the      implication of P/E ratio for different types of investors.

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