Understanding both sides of an issue is a valuable skill when studying historical events. In order to learn from history, truly, we must be honest with ourselves about events, even if we discover that our “side” may have been in the wrong.

For this discussion, you are going to look at two perspectives on the Mexican War: those who were in favor of going to war and those who were opposed to war. You will also be distinguishing between whether the United States was justified in going to war and whether or not the United States should go to war.


To help you with your discussion posts, you will need to ensure you read these works/chapters that were included in the unit readings:

If you haven’t already watched the video “Video: “Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War”,” you might go ahead and do so as it may help you understand the material better.

Initial Post:

  • you will assume the role of an advocate of war with Mexico, expressing the reasons why the United States would be justified in declaring war. You will need to pull arguments from the readings.

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