I volunteer at Burbank Temporary Aid Center. I do inventory for food packaging, pack food for low-income housing and also the homeless. I clean a lot and sort out produce that are good vs bad. A lot of cleaning. The first week I never went to volunteer so he just wanted me to answer these questions based on my theory public health nursing class. The second week I went twice to volunteer and did the above. I just need these questions answered. Two different documents, one for each week so answers should be a little different based on first week researching the aid center and answering the questions, and the second week based on my actual experience. Simple answers couple sentences each question. Citations for first journal reflection.

1. What are your takeaways from this week’s theory and clinical assignment? (REQUIRED)

2. How does it relate to public health theories such as Levels of Prevention Model or Theories and models for public/community health nursing? (REQUIRED)

3. Did you observe anything that stood out, shocked, or impressed you during your clinical?

4. Will you function differently as a result of your learning? How?

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