Your state legislature is considering a bill that would require a person to earn a high school diploma before he or she could receive a driver’s license. What is your position on this issue? Write a letter to convince your state legislature to accept your point of view.

– Source: 2 websites required

– Length: 2 page

– Times New Roman font, size 12, double spaced

– References need to be retrieved from public websites (do not use websites that require usernames/passwords). Wikipedia cannot be listed as one of the sources.( Cite the website for references under a separate paper in APA format )

Outline for essay:

I.  Introductory Paragraph:

  • Introduce the issue.
  • Provide each of the arguments that will later appear in each body paragraph.
  • Refute any counterpoints to the argument.
  • Provide the thesis statement.

II.  2-3 Body Paragraphs: 

  • Begin with a topic sentence that reflects the argument of the thesis statement.
  • Support the argument with useful and informative quotes from website sources.
  • Provide 1-2 sentences explaining each quote.
  • Provide 1-3 sentences that indicate the significance of each quote.
  • Ensure that the information in these paragraphs is important to the thesis statement.
  • End each paragraph with a transition sentence which leads into the next body paragraph.

III. Concluding Paragraph:

  • Begin with a topic sentence that reflects the argument of the thesis statement.
  • Briefly summarize the main points of the paper.
  • Provide a strong and effective close for the paper.

While the format of the body is still the basic five paragraph essay, this assignment is also a formal business letter.  The only other difference is that limited use of  first and second person pronouns is allowed.  Find the name and contact information for your state legislative representative online.  ( I am from CA )

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