(Part 1)


1.Create a SAS account and upload data from excel files to SAS studio. You will have the option to use Excel or R. (I prefer using excel)

  • Take a screenshot on your computer after you uploaded the files.

Part 2


  • Go to the SAS on Demand for Academic (Links to an external site.)
  • Click on Access now link in the middle of the page.
  • Go to Independent Learner – Step 2: Write Your SAS Programs.
  • Click on SAS Studio video library.
  • Under CATEGORIES tab, click on How To Tutorials.
  • See the video resources under SAS Studio.

Excel resources:

Do the following

1.Complete the following practice test 1,4,10,24,54,55,SAV (See attachment below).

2.The data sets for these assigned problems are attached as Excel files. Review Using the Import Data Utility in SAS Studio (Links to an external site.) to learn how to import Excel data files into SAS Studio.

3.Study the SAS OnDemand for Academics: Uploading and Accessing Local Data Instructions

4.Type your answers with any supporting work on a Word document. If you use the SAS software to complete any statistical analysis in answering these practice questions, copy and paste the outputs into this document.

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