This week we are going to be learning about the integration of Social Media into your Information Governance program. Social Media has become a default communications channel for your organization to interact with customers and even employees. You must manage, or govern, this media with appropriate controls to protect your organization. We will explore this week the risks presented by Social Media and the responses your organization must make to control them. I have another optional presentation on accidental plagiarism and how to deal with it. Sometimes you end up writing so much about a topic that you’re bound to come up with the same conclusions of other writers. This week I want to help you avoid that trap. This is offered to protect you during your academic writing from a career-ending accusation of academic dishonesty. For your ninth week in this course, we have one chapter from the textbook and three research papers that you will be required to read. The three research papers are available from the University of the Cumberlands online library. You must download and read all three additional research papers. The discussion this week is focused upon how Social Media has become such a critical component of Information Governance. There are no other portfolio project deliverables due this week.

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