The Hole in our Gospel. 

Servant evangelism is an element that appears to be biblical supported (Mark 9:41). But there seems to be some polarization of those two words: servant & evangelism

Some emphasize one or the other but the intuitive student should consider implementing them both in tandem. 

Oswald Chambers said in Utmost for His Highest…November 4th, “it is essential to give people a chance of acting on the truth of God. The responsibility must be left with the individual, you cannot act for him, it must be his own deliberate act, but the evangelical message ought always to lead a man to act.” Richard Stearns addresses giving people a chance. While servant evangelism is not the only method of evangelism, it is a methodology that gives all students the opportunity to participate (I Cor. 3:9).
Student Ministry Essentials. Write a summary and book critique on the following textbook: The Hole in Our Gospel. The Book Critique must include the following sections:



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