-What are the “Big Five” personality factors? 

-How do they affect your leadership abilities and capabilities? 

-Which factor(s) was most strongly associated with leadership?

-Discuss which of these personality traits you and your teammates possess that are in common and give an example of how they benefit members in a leadership context. 

Help for last question:

Traits my teammates possess are: 

“I am an introvert and most definitely not an extrovert. I also feel that extroversion is not the trait most strongly associated with leaders. Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein were all introverts but were also great leaders of their time. I personally think that communication is the most important trait of a good leader. Keeping your team informed and including them in what is going on around them will break down a lot of walls. Once they realize that they can trust you and know that you sincerely care about them they will be more apt to follow you.” 


“Some of the main traits that I believe I hold are emotional stability and openness to experience. I believe that no department, unit, or organization can improve if they are not willing to change. We live in a world that is ever changing, and if we aren’t open to change, we will lag behind. It’s also important to be emotionally stable. If leaders are not able to control emotions in the workplace, it can create tension.”

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