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A. Visual communication design is so ubiquitous that it is almost impossible to step away and evaluate it objectively. What kinds of visual form have you experienced so far today? Of these forms, how many used text combined with image?

Examples would be: a Facebook profile page, Google’s homepage, the label to the bottle of ketchup in your refridgerator, the graphic designer of Gateways to Art.

Discuss the various components that have been used in these designs, such as the typeface or logo. Why has the artist chosen that particular style? Give your answer. At minimum, analyze at least three examples of visual forms.


First, watch the video above.

Now it is your turn to try the compositional techniques highlighted in the video.

Composition is important because it helps direct your viewer’s eyes in your photo and tell them what to look at (or what not to look at). For example, by having a simple background, you can better direct your viewer’s eyes to the main subject. Another tip: by having leading lines, you can guide the viewer’s gaze to the spot you want them to notice first. The artist/photographer picks and chooses the techniques that best suit a particular subject in a particular setting or situation. Up to this point in the class, we have used photography merely as a tool to document your various art activities. Now the creation of the photograph itself is the activity.

For this week’s assignment, it would be best to photograph a person, but if you don’t have someone else available as a subject, a pet, or any object can be used. Examples are things like stuffed animals, vases, sculptures, etc. You will be taking three photographs, each one will demonstrate a different one of the three compositional techniques discussed in the video:

1. Framing

2. Utilizing a different perspective

3. Utilizing interesting light

Any type of camera can be used, including a phone camera. The point of this assignment is for you to offer your unique vision, insight into another person or object. Have fun with it. Good luck!

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