1- I am reading Dinty Moore’s book about crafting the personal essay. and he gives tips about how a Contemplative Essay should look like. I’ll attach screenshots for the chapter for you to read and consider the tips he talked about.  Polish this essay up as much as you can, and please give me a heads up on what are you thinking of writing about to see if it’s what I’m looking for! Also, make the essay emotional for readers to connect with it.

2- For the Journal it is a writing exercise about: Pick one childhood memory: something seemingly inconsequential but fun to remember, like my smoky the bagle story. Maybe for you, it is a hole in the back fence that opened into a field, a broad limb of a tree that made for comfortable sitting, the coolness of your grandmother basement in the summer, or the day your mother put Kool-aid in the ice tray and surprised you and your friends with homemade popsicles. 

Capture that memory as best as you can on the page, but then go on a chase, ramble through thickets of thought, pursue your own brief glimmer of fuzzy truth. Why do you retain the memory of that moment all of those years later? Other than just being a pleasant recollection, what deeper resonance is hidden in your story? what have you lost over the years, and can never get it back?

Childhood Memory:

well, I would say maybe when I made a friend for the first time outside of school, I went to elementary school in Bahrain for 4 years before I got back to my home country, I remember I used to be with my family all the time after school, my dad would go and play father-child games with us, we would go outdoors and play soccer with him, at the time I and my brothers were 4, one of which was a baby, I was the second son, so it would be me my older brother(Ibrahim) and my younger brother (Faris) and my dad. Sometimes we go to the beach and play there, although my father would be with my mom and grandma chilling while sees us play, he would find time to play with us some games or swim with us. We would go to the mosque together all the time, the mosque was close so we walked every day, usually, when we walk we play around with my dad while he walked looking at his phone or watching and commenting on how funny I fell or how I should stop bullying Faris(my younger), we were loud and happy, sometimes we would bike there and back, our neighbors usually smile at us while greeting dad, I think we brought joy as I would imagine seeing kids play around their dad I would be all smiles and remember the old days, one of our neighbors had a son named Khalid, he would always see us around but we never actually met. one day we had just got back from the mosque as usual and my mom was preparing dinner as we were watching cartoon in our room, and my dad was watching tv in the living room, my grandma was on the phone talking to her other sons whom are in my home country, oh and my grandma was living with us. our door rang, and I rushed to the door racing my older brother Ibrahim, we would always race to see who knocked on the door. When I opened the door, it was our neighbor whom I always saw walking with his only son to the mosque, he said hello I said hi as I heard my dad asking who was he, Ibrahim answered my dad “He is our neighbor”, my dad came to greet him, he smiled and behind him was his son Khalid looking at us behind his dad, he was shy, his dad said to me and my dad that he always saw us walk around and his son wanted to be friends with us, he said he was crying at home so he brought him to us to make friends haha, ofcourse we became friends straight away, but funny how we met, it was my first time meeting a friend who wanted to be friends with me badly as he cried to his dad to come with him to meet us! We started playing outside with our bikes the following days, cruise around the neighborhood, racing, going between cars, and sometimes go to the supermarket. With days he became more my friend than my brothers, it was mostly because my dad bought playstaiton 2 and my brothers were occupied with it that they didn’t want to go play outside. Our friendship got stronger so we would hang out in each others houses. I’m friends with him to this day. 

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