For this essay you will examine the economic impacts of COVID-19 on your local community.

To do this, as with other essays, you will need to examine various outlets like social media and local news outlets for specific examples that show how COVID-19 impacted local businesses.

You will likely find examples of businesses changing their mode of delivering services. For example, many restaurants near me sectioned off part of their parking lots and moved tables/chairs outside to allow for outdoor dining or others that never offered delivery now do. I’m sure it’s similar in your community. You will likely find examples and stories of people losing their jobs or businesses closing.

BE CAREFUL – Just like in the previous module, base your analysis on reliable sources of information. In collecting data for this module you will be more likely to come across sources that are not based on the scientific data. Remember, states only need to have a rational and reasonable basis to believe there’s a public health risk to opening the economy too early or too quickly. There are lots of social media and news outlets basing their opinions on faulty claims and/or conspiracy theories. This is why it’s important to use reliable sources of information.

Your essay should incorporate the following:

  • A reminder of the name of your community.
  • A reminder of the demographics of your community (you can use the same demographics data from the last essay unless I suggested you make some changes).
  • The plan by the state or local government to reopen the economy.
  • Examples showing the ways local businesses have adapted to the new realities of the economy.
  • Your initial assessment regarding the effects of those plans.

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