Your cousin Anis offers you a 50% share of his vegetable export business if you invest a certain amount of money. The business buys vegetables from a farmers’ association established few months after the outbreak of Covid-19. Most of the farmers who joined the association had lost their jobs and now farming to support their families. Anis is facing fierce competition in the market and without your investment, the business will probably collapse. You are a senior executive in a large food processing company in the country. Last month your workplace supervisor asked if you were interested to work in the newly established wing on agribusiness. The wing is going to be the largest agribusiness unit in the country and the position they offered you would allow you to handle sensitive insider information on farming business in the state. You neither accepted nor declined the offer.

Question: Based on the scenario above, what are the facts of the case? 


Reference for the steps of the problem solving for ethical decision making case study:…

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