Web or Social Branding/Cause marketing Campaign Analysis 8-9 pages with APA style references. Paper topics can include environmental causes, climate change, wildlife causes, health issues, or proverty programs. National or global campaigns can use examined.

  1. Describe the campaign in some detail. 
  2. Was the campaign successful or effective for the target audiences? Why or why not? Refer to articles or online sources to prove your points.
  3. Discuss at least three advertising or persuasive techniques used in this campaign. 
  4. Was this campaign attacked as fake news or propaganda?
  5. What would you suggest to improve the ad campaign? Cite at least 5-10 sources in APA style. Be sure to cite some independent sources. Do not over-rely on the brand itself for information.


Storytelling and Social Responsibility

Propaganda, Fack News and BOTS

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) journal articles from MIT-

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