May 20, 2021 at 3:06 PM

I showed you Monmouth in a previous announcement, but I wanted you to have a reason to explore around the surveys there. Monmouth is considered by many outlets to be the most accurate poll taker when it comes to elections. They get results right more often than anyone else – but just like some of the other agencies you’ve explored so far they don’t only do political polling. Check out some of their latest polls about social issues. Click on one of interest to you and then scroll down to where you see a large button that says “download PDF with crosstabs” on the right side of the page. It’s not far down; it’s usually just below a photograph or graphic. When the pdf opens, scroll to the last few pages and you will see many crosstabs. They look a little different than what you’ve seen in SPSS. They often combine several independent variables across the top of the same chart, but you should be able to tell where, for example, gender stops and race starts. Find a crosstab that you think shows a relationship. You probably won’t be able to cut and paste the crosstab, so describe it. What is the independent variable and what is the dependent? Describe the relationship that you see (use the percentages in your description).

(SPSS Might be needed)

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