Guidelines for classroom (video) observations : Do take notes. For each observation you must report the following: a)Name of school b)Name of teacher c)Type of program observed d)Number of students present e)Age range of students observed f)Diversity of student population (e.g., disability, gender, ethnicity, age, SES)g)Number of staff present including teacher h)Specific instructional activities/lessons observed 6.The following are other general topical areas of interest to investigate during your observation :a)Student behavior b)Teacher behavior c)Characterization of the relationship between teacher and student d)Characterization of the relationships among students e)Curricular and instructional strategies(implicit & explicit)f)Teaching/leadership style g)Assessment and testing h)Methods for measuring, evaluating and reporting progress and performance i)Learning activities that appear to be going on in the classroom that you did not observe j)Engaged learning time of students k)Behavior management strategies l)Ecology of the classroom environment (.e.g., visual & auditory organization; physical setup, comfort, quiet, lighting, physical access, location of activities, etc.) m)Classroom management and organization (e.g., scheduling, timing of lessons)n)Job requirements (e.g., meetings, bus duty, playground supervision)o)Procedural requirements (e.g., what the building principle or district may require of teachers in the performance of the duties or the delivery of instruction) p)California standards for students and teachers observed being implemented or established as the focus of instruction q)Teacher support (e.g., supports the teacher receive from other faculty, staff, administration, parents, the district; opportunities for staff development; support for advancing education)r)Resources (e.g., fiscal and other supports for supplies and materials)s)Barriers and challenges 7.Take particular note of your persona land professional reaction and response to the teacher, students, setting and activities during your observation. This is a key element required to complete your Classroom Observation Summary and Reflection.

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