To: Organizational Behavior Expert

From: CEO
Re: Case Study

One of our clients is having trouble in the workplace with defensive communication. This has resulted in some employees who were the recipients of this defensive communication to complain informally of bullying to their managers. Before this escalated into a bigger issue and there are formal complaints made against our client, I will need your assistance to create a PowerPoint presentation that we can present to our clients’ staff to help them communicate in a non-defensive manner.


Refer to Chapter 9 of your text, along with Tables 9.1 and 9.2 to create a PowerPoint presentation to include the following:

1. Describe an example interaction between 2 employees that resulted in defensive communication from either the sender or receiver.

2. Identify 3 styles that are possible causes of the defensive communication pattern. 

3. Identify 3 things that could be done differently to facilitate non-defensive communication.

  • Length: 5-10 slides (with separate title and reference slide) Notes Length: 80-200 words for each slide – these notes should be in the Speaker Notes section of the PowerPoint slides.

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