Rights and Rehabilitation

Discussion (1A) The pendulum of rights versus rehabilitation is an area in which policymakers invest much time and energy. Should government award monetary benefits? Should society focus on inclusion and rehabilitation? Perhaps there is a possibility to blend the two perspectives. In this Discussion, you examine with your colleagues your understanding of the disability rights perspective and the rehabilitative perspective. Which perspective do you feel is more appropriate for social workers to advocate for when working with persons who have a disability?


  • Compare the disability rights perspective with the rehabilitation perspective.
  • Explain which perspective you feel is more appropriate when working with individuals who may have disabilities with regard to civil rights.
  • Respond to at least two colleagues who have shared views that may differ from your own.
  • Explain whether you agree or disagree with your colleague’s view and why or why not.
  • Discussion 1(b)Policies for the Differently Abled
  • The ADA is broad, and social workers will encounter various populations to which this policy is applicable in social work practice. The ADA’s application will vary depending on the population in which a social worker might practice. Dialogue with your colleagues regarding a population that you might encounter with a disability and the application of the ADA.
  • Post
    • Describe a population or populations you may encounter with a disability as a social worker.
    • Explain how your understanding of the ADA or other services such as Medicaid apply to this particular population
    • Respond to at least two colleagues who have identified a different population than your own.
    • Explain how your understanding of the ADA has increased based on your colleague’s response.

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