Discussion 1: Biological Changes and Physical and Mental Health in Middle Adulthood

Middle adulthood is a period when the aging process becomes more apparent. It is characterized by a variety of age-related changes in the body that effect the skin, vision, hearing, and immune-system as well as changes in identity development and psychological well-being. Understanding the changes to physical and mental health developmental can help guide social workers as they attempt to assist individuals entering middle adulthood.

In this Discussion, you explore the influences of biological change in middle adulthood.

To prepare: Watch the Southside Community Services: Mrs. Bargas Case History video listed in the Learning Resources.

Post the following:

  • Describe two potential biological, psychological, and social changes that occur in middle adulthood and how they have affected Mrs. Bargas.
  • Describe one theory that may apply to Mrs. Bargas.
    • Describe an additional theoretical approach and/or practice skill that would complement the one chosen by your colleague.
    • Discussion 1b: Focus on Middle Adulthood Theory and Concepts
      As individuals enter middle adulthood, many are concerned with expanding their influence and commitment to family, society, and future generations. This includes forming and guiding the next generation by protecting and enhancing the conditions of society and dedicating their skills, resources, and creativity to improve the quality of life for the young. A number of theories address middle adulthood as a part of a larger development framework.In this Discussion, you analyze the role of generativity in middle adulthood, including the gains and losses that occur within this group.
      Post the following:
      • Explain the role of generativity in middle adulthood.
      • Describe two developmental gains and losses that occur in middle adulthood.
      • Respond to two colleagues:
      • Identify one resource each colleague might use when working with a client in middle adulthood who is experiencing loss.

Learning Resources

Laureate Education (Producer). (2017). Southside Community Services: Mrs. Bargas case history, episode 1 [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author. 

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