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Preliminary Statement of Your Philosophy of Education and Teaching : A philosophy of education and teaching is a minimum one page narrative statement that describes YOUR PERSONAL beliefs, values, attitudes, dispositions and ethics about the purpose, process, nature and ideals of education. For the purpose of this course it is a preliminary statement since your philosophy will change over time with respect to your experience, knowledge and understanding. Your statement should be succinct and honestly reflect your beliefs and values about teaching and learning and address both yourself and students. The statement may be as broad as you wish or focus on specific values you have regarding the teaching, learning and education of youth with disabilities .A statement of philosophy is not a description of teaching methods or strategies that you think should be used. It should reflect the underlying values that guide your decision to become a teacher and support the learning of the students you work with. In addition, it should apply to all students and all learning environments including students who do not have disabilities. Please use the example below to include a header in your statement of philosophy of teaching/education.

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