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Original Post (1 paragraph)(5-7 sentences): Choose one of the dance genres in U2 part 2 (Vaudeville, Minstrelsy, Cakewalk, Shimmy, Harlem Shake, Twist, or Lindy Hop), and discuss in relation to ONE of the theoretical concepts in U2  (cultural appropriation, cultural hybridity, ethnocentrism, primitivism or otherness.) How are the dance forms an example of, or provide more understanding of these theories? Cite specific dance examples from the videos in this module and include title of video and timestamp of where you found the example. It is okay to reference interviews or text from the videos, but also include how you see the concepts happening in the actual dance movement! 

I chose the Harlem Shake and to compare it with cultural hybridity

Cultural Hybridity: Cultural hybridity constitutes the effort to maintain a sense of balance among practices, values, and customs of two or more different cultures. In cultural hybridization, one constructs a new identity that reflects a dual sense of being, which resides both within and beyond the margins of nationality, race, ethnicity, class, and linguistic diversity. Many immigrants, for instance, face this process as they attempt to accommodate new environments and experiences, while holding on to their indigenous sociocultural principles or beliefs. An important resource is language, which may be used to construct an identity, to adapt to new cultural environments, and to make sense of new experiences or some combination of these features.1

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