For this assignment, we will describe relationships between texts that argue how culture dictates identity formation, using MLA citation and formatting guidelines.


Aaron Devor, Deborah Blum, Kevin Jennings and Rachel Lowry all speak to identity formation. For this essay, you will use3of these texts and explain how they illustrate/clarify, extend, complicate, challenge,or qualify one another.Based on this analysis, determine the role pop culture takes in shaping our identity.

Brainstorm by completing the following : 

1.Select 3 of the 4 texts from our assigned readings (Devor, Blum, Jennings, Lowry).

2.To ensure your analysis is focused and cohesive, choose 1 text as your primary and 2 other texts you’ll evaluate by showing how they synthesize with your primary text. For instance, you could choose Devor as your primary text and Blum and Jennings to synthesize with Devor’s text. 

3.Find the authors arguments and subpoints.

4.Notes shared concern on identities the three texts make, such as identity crisis or gender codes.

5.Determine how each text synthesizes with the primary text (e.g. illustrate/clarify, extend, complicate, challenge or qualify). They can synthesize in different ways, for instance, Jennings can illustrate while Blum complicates Devor’s text. 

6.Write a response to this question: What is the role pop culture takes in shaping our identity?

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