Find a recent news article (within the last 60 days) about the Christian religion. These articles may be from either insider, or outsider perspectives and publications, and should reflect a current event/issue/question within the tradition (for instance, if you are assigned to the Christianity section, you could select an article from a secular news source like the New York Times or Washington Post, or from a religious news source like Christianity Today, or the Catholic News Service. In either case, be aware that the author and their intended audience have certain biases). Articles that merely summarize basic information about the tradition should be avoided for this assignment

summarizes the main points of your article in your own words. A significant quote or two from the article should be used to illustrate your summary, but the point of this exercise is not to copy or rephrase the article, as that does not demonstrate your understanding of it. Instead, you are offering your own interpretation of, and insights into it. No additional sources (Google, etc.) or additional articles should be used. Your summary should be done in 3-4 slides.

use materials, you should create 3-4 additional slides to reflect on how the article that you chose relates to our course readings for the tradition to which you are assigned. You should include evidence/citations from our 5 course readings

Any citations used (whether phrases, or sentences) must be appropriately and consistently cited in Chicago or MLA formatting (not APA!). Make sure to include a link at the end of your paper to the article that you choose

sources listed below…

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