1. Complete this module’s assigned readings from Practical Skeptic – Core Concepts, and view all of the multimedia and other materials.
  2. Answer the following questions related to the assigned readings from Practical Skeptic – Reader (about 1 paragraph per reading):
  • Reading 1 – The Promise
    What is the “sociological imagination,” and how does using it help us understand our lives and attempt to make them better?
  • Reading 2 – How History and Sociology Can Help Today’s Families
    According to Stephanie Coontz, how does using the sociological imagination help us understand what is going on with today’s families? As the institution of family continues to change, will the concept remain useful?
  • Reading 3 – Using the Sociological Imagination to teach about Academic Integrity
    Based on your reading of the article and the concept of sociological imagination, how can the issue of academic integrity be understood in relation to both personal troubles and public issues?
  1. Think about the problems you have, the characteristics of the life you had growing up, the job and education plans you have, and your future health outlook (e.g., your likelihood of contracting a disease as well as your likelihood of experiencing good health and longevity). How can this be explained in terms of the sociological imagination?

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