Before attempting the project, make sure you have watched the Project Introduction video and entered your project data into either Excel or Statistix. Using Statistix, you are required to generate printouts that you will embed into the Project Word document that is posted below. You will then answer the questions that I ask in the project, save the document with your completed work, and submit it to me in Canvas.

Here are the steps you will need to complete:

  1. Download the project.
  2. Watch the Project Description/Printout Demonstration Video to help you to generate the required printouts.
  3. Embed the printouts and answer the project questions and submit it in Canvas by midnight on July 4th.

To help, I have created a video for both showing you how to Submit Projects in Canvas and also Using Statistix in the Application Gateway (which is posted elsewhere). Feel free to join me during the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions to ask questions about the project! I will be doing Statistix demonstrations as well as sharing printouts from my data set and helping you answer project questions for my printouts.


Project Description/Printout Demonstration: Project Video Description/Software Demo (Links to an external site.)

ints on the type of answers I am looking for and do a computer demonstration (starts at the 3:05-minute mark of the video) showing you how to generate the required printouts.

How to Submit Projects in Canvas: Submitting Projects in Canvas

Using Statistix in the Application Gateway Video: Working with Statistix in the Application Gateway

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