By this stage in the course, you should have conducted a literature review, completed annotated bibliographies, collected and analyzed data on your problem or project, and should know the major recommendations you plan to make in your report. In this paper, you need to present those recommendations clearly and concisely. You also need to demonstrate that your recommendations are grounded in reality by discussing the key implementation challenges and how they would be addressed.

Action Items

  • Analyze and synthesize all the information and data you have collected to formulate recommendations for your problem or project. While you may not have every recommendation fully completed at this point, you should be able to explain in some detail your key recommendations and demonstrate that they are rationale, logical, and grounded in the data, information, and resources you have identified.
  • Write a 7- to 10-page report in which you present and explain your major recommendations for addressing the problem you analyzed and how they will serve public interest, benefit the community, and/or advance the mission of a government or nonprofit organization.
    • You also must discuss the practical challenges of implementing your recommendations including identifying key obstacles and risks and how to mitigate them, including assessing or demonstrating an understanding of key financial, human resources, information/communication, and political challenges to implementing the recommendations.
    • Your implementation presentation should include an implementation timeline that identifies major milestones for implementing key recommendations.
    • The report should be written so that a general, non-expert elected official or governing board member could understand the recommendations and implementation plan

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