Question 1.

Study the Barnes and Noble and Extra cases on Figure 2.1 and Figure 2.2 correspondingly and case 2.4 on page 41.(7 marks)

  • Deepen into the problem that many Bricks are facing in transforming onto clicks. Write a report on this issue related to problems that bricks clicks are facing in this transforming process. (half page)
  • Identify a similar business case either local or international level that is in the transforming process and describe it as case study. Use the following template.

Case Study name

Link to the website

Description of the situation

Screenshot of the site



Question for discussion


Terms raised

Question 2. (5 marks)

Study the Everlane case as pure click on page 39.

Identify a similar cases of successful pure clicks. Describe it using the following format (half page)

Pure click title (name)

Link to the website

History, products, financial figures if they available

Question 3. (5 marks)

Study the Lego crowdsourcing case study on page 67.

Take as an example your company that you are working or any other example of a company and you will select and describe how crowdsourcing may help in new product design or product improvement (half page). Answer specific to the company and generic.

Question 4. (5 marks)

You have assigned to a start-up investment fund of 500K SAR for an ecommerce operation. The idea is at birth so you have not decided what exactly will be your ecommerce operation. You have a dilemma to either became a merchant or an affiliate. Describe the logic behind your selection by providing ideas how to best capitalize on the investment fund. Chapter 5 discusses several business models select the business model that you will follow and defend your selection (half page).

Question 5. (3 marks)

Identify your favorite ecommerce site or app. Study It and identify the business model that is following. Refer to the features that makes this ecommerce operation to be your favorite. (half page). My favorite is Amazon

*the book attached some questions need it .

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