A friend of yours is interested in starting a blog and asks for your advice. Use some of what you’ve learned from Chapter 7 to explain to him/her what you think makes a good blog.

Also, offer your friend (and provide for your classmates) a link to one of your favorite blogs. Explain the blog’s content strategy.  

It may be helpful to look at sources other than your text to respond to this prompt.


Richard LuceroYesterdayJun 29 at 2:34pm by Richard Lucero on Jun 29 at 2:42pmTania AhlYesterdayJun 29 at“About Me.” Pinch of Yum, 28 June 2021,, M. S., Barker, D., Bormann, N. F., Roberts, M. L., & Zahay, D. L. (2017). Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach. Cengage Learning.

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