Visit the website of “Bob’s poetic terms”
again and look closely at the definition for “symbol.” (you might take advantage of the opportunity to review “Symbolism” as a movement while you’re there.) The basic idea is that “Symbols can transfer the ideas embodied in the image without stating them, as in Robert Frost’s “Acquainted With the Night,” in which night is symbolic of death or depression.” I would like you to write a comparative study of “The Clearing” and “The Tree” which focuses on symbolism (with a lower case “s,” meaning the poetic device, not the movement). Discuss how at least TWO important symbols from each story function to meet the objectives and themes of the work. There are no right and wrong answers, but you MUST support your claims with textual evidence and connect the symbolism you detect with the overall theme of the work. I would strongly suggest a brainstorming session on a separate piece of paper BEFORE you start working on this, to sort out your ideas on this topic.
*The discussion board answer may be just a list with basic substantiation

(Minimum of 200 words)

Take a good look at Frida Kahlo?s paintings, especially her self-portraits. Do you find that they have more in common with the poetry of Gabriela Mistral or Rosario Castellanos? Why? This is a pretty open question, and it is not important whether you focus on one painting or 7, one poem or 5. I would like to see you make some critical observations of the painting, and some interpretations of the poetry as we have practiced to form your own theses and conclusions.

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