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The Superintendent’s Directive
In the Carville City School District, Superintendent Porter sent an e-mail to the principal of each school asking teachers to develop a set of performance objectives for each class they teach. Teachers were upset, and a well-respected teacher accidently sent a negative message to her principal. The principal does not know how to respond.

1. Evaluate the e-mail communications of Mr. Porter and Mr. Weigand. To what extent are they communicating effectively about the new performance objectives? Explain. If you were a teacher, how would you have felt after receiving the e-mail? Why?
2. If you were Mr. Weigand, how would you respond to the angry teacher? Be specific about how you would communicate with her and what you would say. How could he have communicated differently about the performance objectives to influence the teachers more positively?
3. Identify the mistakes that the teacher made when composing and sending her e-mail message.

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