1. Think of Peter Brook and the acid State what was meaningful, evocative, interesting, exciting, striking in the work.
  2. Think about change.  There is always some kind of transformation in theatre. Often, its character, but not always.  Identify a change and discuss why it happens.
  3. If the writer were here, what are two questions you’d ask about the work?
  4. Think metaphorically.  Is it possible there are objects, characters, or images in the story which also have metaphorical, or symbolic meanings?  What are they?  Do they have things in common? Do these support or explain a theme in the story?

Helpful hints:

For Question 1: Try to pick a specific, descriptive moment from the play. I’m not interested in the analytical.

For Question 2: Again, be specific. Describe how something started out and how that same thing ended up. 

For Question 3: These should be two different distinct questions. Questions like “why did you write the play?” and “did this happen to you or someone you know?” are boring and they will get a boring grade. 

For Question 4: Think of titles, change, and repeating images/phrases. There is no right or wrong here. I want you to explore your own opinion. 

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