Task #2: Identify the Archetypes in Neil Gaiman’s Stardust

Locate and analyze the eight conventional archetypes in Stardust. Locate at least one character whom you believe represents a hybrid (a single character with the features of multiple archetypes), and at least one character whom you believe defies categorization and requires the creation of an addendum within Vogler’s text. (archetypes explained in Vogler’s text:…) 700 WORDS.

Task #3: Find and Slay the Dragon in Neil Gaiman’s Stardust

Dragons can take many formspsychological, literal, physical, even political. However, a true “dragon” is not only something that our Hero or Heroine must confront and defeat individually, but also something that transcends total destruction—the “dragon” is the sociocultural issue or problem that cannot truly be purged and must be dealt with in an ongoing way as part of the human experience. What form(s) does the “dragon” take in Stardust? In what way(s) is it slain? And in what way(s) does it live on? 500 WORDS.

Use 3 quotes from Gaiman’s Stardust and 2 quotes from Vogler’s text.

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