Instructions: There are a lot of articles that you can find on the web (e.g. Science Daily, Discovery News, BBC, CNN, Nature, Science) about evolution, new fossil finds, and new species identified.  For this discussion you need to find one of these relatively current (within the last year) articles that relates to Chapters 11-14.  When you have identified the article you need to do the following that involves several postings by you.

  1. Your first post is about the article: 
  2. write at least 300 words in length about the article which includes-
  3. A three- four sentence summary of the articles main point or purpose of the information.
  4. A short discussion on how the article specifically relates to the class and/or chapters we are studying
  5. A statement about why the article is important and what you think about the material in the article.
  6. Any questions you have regarding the article

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