Materials Lab
Lab 1-Determination of the Elastic Modulus by Wave Propagation
Experimental Apparatus Steel/Aluminum/brass rod (2 ft), strain gauge transducer, and oscilloscope. Experimental Procedure
1. Attach strain gauge/piezoelectric transducer to steel/aluminum/brass rod and fix the rod to material stand.
2 Turn on the power supply, then turn on an oscilloscope, wait until the power supply is properly warmed up.
3. Properly adjust the oscilloscope.
4. Lightly tap the metal rod to produce a stress wave.
5. Record the data and save the graph to a thumb drive.
Report Requirements
1. Present experimental setup in a figure. Briefly describe the apparatus in the figure caption.
2. Tabulate the data in a table and perform a statistical analysis (mean, standard deviation, etc.)
3. Report the graphs of stress waves.4. Calculate the Young’s Modulus for each material using the experimental data and compare your results with values in literature

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