What is an issue or challenge faced by people with disabilities that you believe is important? It can be anything related to any type of disability, whether or not we’ve discussed it in class. Write a 1500-1800 word paper describing this issue and the factors surrounding it. That is, why is this (still) a challenge, and why is it important?

Your assignment must include at least three (3) scholarly references, and will consist of a review of the literature (that is, a description of researched facts regarding the population and the problem), as well as descriptions of why this is a problem for people with disabilities, what are some things that can be or need to be done to alleviate this issue, and why this issue is important to you.

Formatting: Your references, both in-text and citation list, must follow link provided. A title page, which does not count toward page length, is also required. If you choose to use headings, they must also conform to APA style. An abstract is not required and, if included, will not count toward page length.


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