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The Proposal is an important step on your way to the Researched Argument Essay. A Proposal helps you organize your thoughts about the issue, as well as your take on it. First, do some background reading on the issue as necessary; you may want to get some basic information from sources like Wikipedia or our library’s databases, especially Opposing Viewpoints or Issues & ControversiesLinks to an external site.. For this week, write a Proposal that reflects the following four items:

  1. (FIRST PARAGRAPH) Introduce the issue with some background so that your reader can understand it, and then present it in question form. The proposal question must come at the end of the intro paragraph.
  2. (SECOND PARAGRAPH) Explain why the issue is compelling to you.
  3. (THIRD PARAGRAPH) Describe what you already know about the issue.
  4. (FOURTH PARAGRAPH) Explain what more you need to learn.

Pleas review the four sample Proposals provided in this module.

Four Sample Student Proposals download

It is essential and required that you write this paper in exactly four separate paragraphs (no fewer, no more). Failure to do so will result in a drastically lowered grade.

Length:            400-600 words

Format:           MLA (8th edition)

Points:           This paper is worth 50 points

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you proceed, you should know that there are some issues that I will not entertain proposals about. These are: 


*capital punishment

*gun control

*euthanasia / assisted suicide

*animal cruelty/experimentation

*religious issues

*drinking age

*anything involving marijuana

*student athlete compensation


*online learning

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