This activity addresses module outcomes 1-4. Upon completion of this activity, you will be able to:

  • MO1: Articulate the main challenges associated with coming up with a common definition of terrorism. (CO1)
  • MO2: Explain how and why terrorism is defined differently by different organizations within the United States government. (CO1)
  • MO3: Identify some of the complexities associated with the study of terrorism. (CO1)
  • MO4: Differentiate among terrorism, insurgency, warfare, and criminal acts. (CO1)

Now that we have begun to discuss some of the core issues surrounding the definition of terrorism, it is time for you to display your knowledge and flesh out your opinions on some of the peripheral issues, here.

Respond to the following:

For this discussion, you have been assigned to a group that answers one of the following three questions. Post an original response (300-400 words in length) in your assigned forum (Part A, Part B, or Part C), and then respond to two peers who were assigned to a different group than yours.

Part B: Come up with your own concise definition of terrorism and post it on the discussion board. Explain why your definition includes the specific elements you chose.

In your original posting, please reference and cite the ideas from at least one of the three articles you read in this week’s assigned readings:

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