In this assignment, you are required to address questions based on a published research article. You will select this article on your own from a reputable journal in your field or area of interest and readings in the course thus far. The article must have been peer reviewed before being published. Please contact the library for help if you need assistance finding peer reviewed articles. You also are required to post the summary of your responses to share it with your peers. You will need to:

  • Attach the accompanying article or provide a link to it.
  • Provide feedback to one of your peers.
  • Learn from your peers’ feedback.
  • Explain what you gained giving and receiving feedback.

Action Items

  1. Initial Post: Create a post in the discussion board. Your research article summary should contain all your responses to the questions asked.
    1. Based on your selected published article from a reputable journal in your field or area of interest (for example, articles in the Academy of Management Journal, American Educational Research Journal, and other such journals), review the article focusing on issues related to content covered thus far in the course. Write a summary essay of your review. In particular, address the following:
      • What is the research problem or research question addressed by the study?
      • What type of research design was used, e.g. experimental, observational?
      • What are the variables, and which ones are dependent and independent, or continuous or discrete?
      • Describe the population of the study or sampling frame, the sampling technique, and sample size.
      • Describe the data collection methods, including procedures, instruments, and unit of analysis.
      • What descriptive statistics were used in the study to summarize the data (graphs, summary tables, etc.)?
      • Describe the statistical techniques used to analyze the data. Are these techniques adequate? Why or why not?
      • What do the results of the study mean?
      • Note: Be sure to attach or provide a link to your selected article when posting the summary of your responses to the discussion board.

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