Compare and contrast your personal definition of health to that of a peer. Are you satisfied with your definition? Why or why not?

My definition:

Health is a term defined differently by different people. As for me, I define health as a situation where a person is well mentally, physically, and socially and without any illness whatsoever. When compared to the definition given by the World health organization, there is a slight difference. As defined by WHO, health considers the people with illnesses yet still have good mental, physical and social wellness (Lerner, 2019). When considering different aspects, the WHO definition is appropriate as some people can be in good shape and happy, yet having an illness not disturbing them.

Peer’s definition:

My personal definition of health is the state of well-being and harmony between the physical mental and spiritual aspects of oneself. I see those three aspects as interconnected and reliable to each other. A mental illness could eventually be detrimental to the physical body and vice versa. My definition is very similar to the World Health Organization except for the spiritual aspect.

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