Part 1: 

Technology surrounds our daily experiences, and the relationship we have with it often shapes or influences our perceptions of the people around us. As we begin our first discussion, take a moment to consider which technologies have most influenced you, and compare those ideas with what you read in this week’s readings. Then, answer the following questions

Select and describe a technology and discuss how it is utilized or impacts your daily life. How does your use or meaning compare/contrast with how technology is presented in the readings?

What is the influence of technology on your chosen field of study or future profession? How can you utilize your understanding of technology in your professional career?

In responding to your peers, provide feedback about the role technology plays in their experience and the role it plays in yours. Compare and contrast your answers.

What are the similarities and differences between your peers’ responses and yours?

How do your two responses help establish how technology and society are intertwined?

How can a perspective through the four lenses help develop a greater understanding of technology?

Make sure you support your responses with the readings from this module and any additional resources if needed.

Part 2: Review the documentation you developed in IT 415. Provide an overview of the information system solution and explain why your system is important to the organization. Explain what has gone well (or not so well) during the project. Do you think your project will require any revisions? If so, describe them. Detail your implementation strategy going forward.
In response to your peers, share your relevant experience, best practices, pro-tips, and so on, and provide constructive feedback on their system overview.

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