Critique of Screening Guideline:


1. Identify the CDC screening guidelines for one of the following:

a. Mammograms & breast screening

b. Colorectal screening

c. Prostate specific antigen (PSA)/prostate cancer screening

d. Pap smear/cervical cancer screening

2. Mentioned the name of the screening and year that screening was initiated

3.Accurately summarize the screening being critiqued?

4. Mainly focused on the overall purpose of the screening.

5. Use evidence, from the work itself as well as other sources, to back and illustrate the importance of this screening.

6. Form an overall evaluation of the screening, based on critical reading?

7. Paper should be well structured with introduction, body, and conclusion (using headings).

8. Minimum of 3 scholarly references (1 reference can be textbook)

9. Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation; clear presentation; and appropriate referencing style (APA).

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