After reading Chapter 1, reviewing the written links, the videos, and learning about the forms of pay, describe in your own words the different total returns for work. What forms of pay have you experienced at your current (or past) workplace, and how do you think it impacts your motivation/behavior?   

I am sending you the link for the book and videos for the lesson.

Book- Gerhart, B., & Newman, J. (2020). Compensation (13th ed.). McGraw-Hill.

Chapters 1 and 2 are key to understanding the basic elements of compensation design, why and how strategic business decisions must align with total compensation strategy to influence organizational success.

  • Chapter 1: The Pay Model
  • Chapter 2: Strategy: The Totality of Decisions
Articles, Websites, and Videos:

This article links business strategy to the design of total compensation strategy. It will help you to understand better how to your case study assignments.

This video introduces The Pay Model. It will help you to understand and complete your assignments.

The Pay Model

Duration: 8:05
User: Kate Keeler – Added: 8/31/20

This video provides a basis for assessing your organization’s business strategy around which Total Compensation systems should be designed and managed.

The Explainer: The 5 Forces That Make Companies Successful

Duration: 1:58
User: Harvard Business Review – Added: 7/9/19

Most organizations use the term “Total Rewards” to encompass the employer/employee exchange’s strategic elements. This video provides you with a contemporary view of the importance of aligning the business objectives and total reward design.

HR Basics: Total Rewards

Duration: 4:53
User: Gregg Learning – Added: 3/12/17

Supplemental Resources:

This article focuses on how organizations can effectively build a high-engagement culture. It helps us better understand how extrinsic rewards – like pay and benefits – and intrinsic rewards – like meaningfulness, choice, competence, and progress work together to benefit the organization and its employees.

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