Complete a 250 word essay answering one of the Critical Thinking Questions below using the PEEL method. Please do not copy and paste information from the Internet.  Type the essay and in a word document and submit it as a file upload. Do Not submit the question, just the essay. I have provided a word template for your convenience. Critical Thinking Question Essay Document download

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Have you worked in an organization where you noticed the office politics? Describe what you noticed. Did the office politics seem to be positive or negative?
  2. Do you think you can avoid office politics on the job? If so, how? Do you think avoiding office politics offers advantages to your career?
  3. Suppose you have been working for a company for 2 years. How would you go about receiving a promotion?
  4. Consider a professional situation where you were in conflict with a coworker. How did you handle the conflict? What was the result? Would you now approach that conflict differently?
  5. Suppose a colleague fills you in on a sensitive subject, such as a rumor that your manager will be fired. How would you respond to your colleague?

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