Module 3: Discussion 2

Watch the second link on informal fallacies:

Fallacy Examples (Links to an external site.)Fallacy Examples

Search the media for informal fallacies instances and post one by copying the URL.  Discuss the above examples and your own by writing a short  post. Respond to two classmates.


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One of the most prevalent informal fallacies presented in the media is the slippery slope fallacy. A slippery slope argument rejects a cause of action by insisting that it will trigger a chain of reactions that result in an undesirable end. For instance, the media in question uses the slippery slope fallacy to demonstrate how being kept on hold by the cable company triggers other events such as anger which creates the need for blowing off steam which results in an accident. This advertisement is meant to validate the use of direct TV by rejecting the use of cable. Additionally, the slippery slope argument can be observed when one makes a claim such as “Today late for ten minutes, tomorrow late for an hour, and then someday you will simply cease to show up.” This fallacy is associated with validating a series of events in the absence of direct evidence that they will occur.

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