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Max Weber posited that bureaucracy is a natural development for organizations. He states that there are five markers for an organization to be labeled a bureaucracy

  1. Written rules or laws
  2. Written records
  3. Hierarchical levels of authority
  4. Division of labor
  5. Impersonality and replaceability

On page 41 of the textbook, the author uses the term independent movement to represent groups that do not utilize bureaucratic methods in how they are organized. Evaluate and explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of a social group being organized bureaucratically versus not being organized bureaucratically. After you compare the two, explain which one you think is more successful in evoking social change: a social movement formed like a bureaucracy or as an independent movement. Discussion Question 1 (150 words)      

Page 72 of the text states:

During the early 20th century, republics urged colonized people to exercise their right to self-determination, which meant breaking away from dynastic empires and creating independent republics of their own. Minority factions in some republics demanded the right to exit those republics and establish states of their own. Note, however, that self-determination in the first instance meant separation from dynastic empires, while self-determination in the second instance meant secession from republics.

This transformation happens on the global scale. Explore and define how this type of social separation occurs within neighborhoods and communities in our modern society (i.e., gangs, social enclaves, “the blue wall,” and “white flight”). 

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