For this assignment, create a 15-20 slide digital presentation in two parts to educate your colleagues about meeting the needs of specific ELLs and making connections between school and family.

Part 1 

In the first part of your presentation, provide your colleagues with useful information about unique factors that affect language acquisition among LTELs, RAELs, and SIFEs. 

This part of the presentation should include: 

  • What is and describe the characteristics of Long- Term Enlish Learner enviornment (LTEL)s, Recent Arrival English Learner(RAEL)s, and Student with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE)s along with a description of each of their particular language needs. 
  • An explanation of the cultural, sociocultural, psychological, or political factors that affect the language acquisition of LTELs, RAELs, and SIFEs. 
  • What factors that affect the language acquisition of refugee, migrant, immigrant, and Native American ELLs and how each of these ELLs may relate to LTELs, RAEL, or SIFEs. 

Part 2 

In the second part of the presentation, recommend culturally inclusive practices within curriculum and instruction. Provide useful resources that would empower the family members of ELLs. 

This part of the presentation should include: 

  • Examples of curriculum and materials, including technology, that promote a culturally inclusive classroom environment. 
  • Examples of strategies that support culturally inclusive practices. 
  • A brief description of how home and school partnerships facilitate learning. 
  • At least two resources for families of ELLs that would empower them to become partners in their child’s academic achievement. 
  • Presenter’s notes, title, and reference slides that contain 3-5 scholarly resources.

SOURCES– A short Fiction Film…


How to Support ELL Students with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFEs)…

Building Culturally Responsive Communities.

TEN WAYS for cultivating language and literacy learning through engagement


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