Question Description

Questions come from pages 116 – 228 pages.

In a formal, polished response (a few focused paragraphs) answer these questions.

ONE multi-pronged question with different parts. 400 to 500 word mini-essays to a question.

Question: The first section in this part is called: “The Starship”—explain why you think the author chose this name. Then, tell me a bit about the character Kirsten Raymonde, about her strengths and weaknesses, and how you see her as a character. Is she a stagnant character (unchanging) or dynamic (changing) in your opinion? The next section is called “Toronto.” Sometimes places can also play the role of a character. Tell me about this city and how it appears and reappears in this book. Finally we read, “This was sometime around Day Thirty, a few days after the end of running water. Whole days passed when they didn’t speak [referring to Jeevan and his wheelchair-bound brother] but there were inexplicable moments of peace (my emphasis, St. John Mandel 179). Why does he say this about “peace”? And can you relate to this feeling at all with our own pandemic?

Always use page references when SUMMARIZING, PARAPHRASING, and not just with direct quotes. This is one of the biggest errors students make: not citing enough. Four words in a row that are not your own, must use quotes. I call these errors “accidental plagiarism”—but now you know! 🙂 Cite! Cite! Cite! Do avoid long quotes, just short phrases, if necessary, can be quoted. Use proper MLA (Hint: look at how I cited above for the in-text citation.)

Here is the book link. You can download it to your computer and access for free.

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