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The Helpdesk ticketing software project you are managing is on target to complete on time, on scope, and within budget (known as the triple constraints). This morning, the IT director came to you requesting additional functionality in the software that was not a part of the original scope. You know that accepting these changes will negatively impact the project’s timeline and the budget. 

1-What is the rationale behind making a scope change once the project has started?

2- What needs to be considered before making changes to the project? 

3-What steps should be taken to determine if these changes should be made?


Schwalbe, K. (2017). An introduction to project management (6th ed.). Retrieved from

  • Chapter 6: Planning Projects, Part 3 (Project Quality, Resource, Communications, Stakeholder, Risk, and Procurement Management) (read pages 212-221)
  • Chapter 8: Monitoring and Controlling Projects (read pages 299-329)

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