Question Description

Part 1:

For Part 1 I would like you to research where the energy in your home or apartment comes from. Your Electricity provider’s web page is a great source to find this information. I would like to know who your Electricity provider is and the breakdown of what portion of the energy comes from varies energy sources; coal, oil, natural gas, solar, nuclear, etc. If your home has solar panels or some other unique source of energy please include that as well.

Part 2:

For part 2 I would like you to research and list at least five ways you can conserve energy in yourhome (simply turning out the lights when you leave a room doesn’t count). Larger projects such as adding solar panels to your home and buying all new appliances are great ideas, but only list these ideas if they are feasible ideas for you and your family, and it is something you would actually consider doing in the future. Again your electricity provider’s website may be a great place to start.

I live in a small apartment and my energy comes from FPL

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