Outline for presentation topic submission:

– Topic for paper/Question being asked

– Exposure
– Outcome of interest

– Proposed study design

– Reference


  1. Student presentation on observational study proposals:Students will prepare a short presentation on a study proposal using an observational study design.  The presentation will be done in Powerpoint® or similar software that allows slides and recording. The instructor will indicate details within the first four sessions.  Topics due 4 sessions prior to presentation, and must be instructor-approved.  Review the Proposal Preparation and Study Critique lecture in preparing your proposals. As it relates to your topic, identify and discuss study design and methods:
    1. Conceive a research question for a selected health problem. State the hypothesis and review the literature (3-4 slides).
    2. Select and implement an appropriate epidemiologic study design to address your specific research question or the selected health problem. Justify your choice. (1 slide)
    3. Describe subject selection and recruitment (1 slide).
    4. Explain measurement of exposure, outcome and other pertinent variables (2-3 slides).
    5. State your analytic plan (1-2 slides).
    6. Appraise the direction and magnitude of potential bias on measures of association in the proposed study (1 slide)
    7. Discuss strategies to assess confounding and effect modification (1 slide).
    8. Discuss strategies to minimize error, bias and confounding (1-2 slides).
    9. Public Health implications of the work, advantages and disadvantages of the proposed study (1 -2 slides).
    10. References (1 slide).

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