1. Identify all 16 critical infrastructure sectors and major responsibilities.
  2. Analyze current policies, laws and presidential directives aimed at protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure.

Image of President Bill ClintonIn 1998, President Bill Clinton (Links to an external site.) issued Presidential Directive PDD -63 (Links to an external site.) – the first comprehensive directive to address the protection of the U.S. critical infrastructure nationwide. Many of the ideas and programs established by PDD -63 were carried over into the Bush administration, although it wasn’t until the events of September 11, 2001 that major efforts in critical infrastructure protection were established.

Respond to the following:

  • Under the Clinton PDD -63, sector responsibility was spread among the federal agencies but the DHS has assumed lead responsibilities for many of the CIKR sectors. Do you have an opinion on which approach is better? Be sure to explain your answer in detail.
  • Under the DHS approach, do you think any of these responsibilities could be carried out better by another agency? For instance, assigning nuclear reactors, materials, and waste to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission?
  • Consider the community you live in and identify the CIKR that exists within that community. Choose one CIKR asset and describe its potential vulnerabilities.

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